Thursday, April 4, 2013

Like the sands on Tatooine, these are the Days of SWG's life...

Time for another SWG update - and unfortunately it's another not-so-good one. Maybe I need to change my blog name to something like a  good soap opera.

"Like the sands on Tatooine, these are the Days of SWG's life... "

Anyway, I know that I have a ton of people still waiting on me for stuff. I know I have at least 5 commission projects that people are waiting on updates for. I have the Death Star Consoles project still in the works as well as several other private casting commissions, and none of them have been completed yet.

For the past few weeks, I've been getting some slight dizzy spells at random, various times. Earlier this week, I had one of these spells - while walking down the stairs from my office. I took a spill, knocked a frame off the wall and broke the glass and banged myself up. My girlfriend finally forced me to go see the doctor. He asked some questions, took some blood (waiting for those results still) and gave a script for a CT Scan which I need to set up to take a peek inside my noggin and see what's going on. 

So yeah, my life sounds like a soap opera, with one problem just going into the next. But just bear with me, and I'll get everything figured out and get all the work done that's owed to everyone. I didn't want to leave people hanging without knowing what's going on with items they have paid for and whatnot.

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