Monday, May 30, 2011

Kessel Run Review episode 13

Hey guys, if you haven't checked out the Kessel Run Review yet, make sure you stop on over and take a look. It's a cool little web show on YouTube that features some great collectibles and customs every week... and this week it was my turn to be showcased :)

So go check it out, leave some comments, and make sure you stop back every week for the latest episode.

Currently on eBay...

I have a few custom action figure auctions going this week on ebay... all of these end on Sunday, June 5.

Marvel Universe Crossbones

Future Foundation Spider-Man

X-Factor Cyclops

Super Articulated Green Lantern

Don't forget, you can always click on the link in the sidebar to go to ALL of my ebay auctions in list format... I have a few other, non-custom items for sale, as well as my commission listing where I will make any 3.75" figure you want for $60 (or you can contact me directly for that one, too). Thanks for looking!!

Been a while...

I can't believe how long it's been since I've updated this thing... but I'm back and I'll be updating more often (I hope)... although I've said that before, lol. BUT I really mean it this time, as I'm back to working for myself and making figures for my fans and customers...

I've currently got some stuff on eBay - link in the sidebar >>

And here's some video of my latest works:

I hope you check back often, as I plan on updating this at least once a week. Thanks for looking!