Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New Project - and a BIG one at that!

Happy New Year everybody!! I hope that everyone's New Year is a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous one! I've decided that I'm going to tackle one "BIG" project every year, starting this year, in my "spare" time when I'm not working my job or working on commissions. Yeah, I know, it's probably a stretch, but I think it will be cool.

Anyway, for my first year, I've decided to create a 1:18 scale Death Star modular playset.


In my home office/collection room I have some large shelves by IKEA that currently house my collection of crappy Hasbro 12" figures. I've decided to get rid of one shelf worth of those and put this Death Star playset in that space. The shelf is 74 3/4" wide and has a height of 20 1/4" available to the bottom of the shelf above. It's also 10" deep, although I probably won't go all the way back with it. I want to make it maybe 6" - 7" in depth so I can leave room "behind the scenes" for me to put the lighting controls :D

I'm currently still in the planning stages, drawing up different outlines and blueprints, deciding which rooms to include, and trying to figure out exactly how many sections I'm going to have. I think I've narrowed it down to six separate but connectible sections.

The big issue I have is that in the middle of the shelf, on the wall behind it, I have a Hasbro SW cardboard display that I don't want to cover completely.

I want to make it modular, for ease of transporting and/or moving it around. I want to have six sections:

Section 1: computer control room
Section 2: detention block
Section 3: random Death Star room
Section 4: hallway
Section 5: Emperor Palpatine's Throne Room
Section 6: trash compactor (double height)

Sections 1, 2, and 3 will stack on top of each other on the left hand side. Section 4 hallway will attach to the bottom section and connect the right hand side, which will have section 5 sitting on top of section 6. It will be easier to understand once I've finalized my plans and show a pic of the blueprint, lol.

Section 1, 2, 3 and 5 will be 6.5" tall and 23" wide. Section 4 will be 6.5" tall and 28 3/4" wide. Section 6 will be 13" tall and 23" wide. I'm still drawing up the plans, but as soon as I get a finalized idea on the appearance I'll post a picture. I'm not completely sold on the room selections just yet, I'm still tinkering with it... except for the longer hallway and the trash compactor section, everything else is still up in the air.

I'm going to use this blog (along with a thread over at the Pro Customizers website/forum) to keep updates of my progress and WIP pics along the way. I hope you will enjoy seeing the updates and watching me build this massive diorama playset as much as I'll enjoy building it!

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